3 Killer Demand Generation Strategies for B2B Marketers

3 killer demand generation strategies for B2B marketers

Your team spends a lot of time, energy and investment in building flawless websites, creating excellent content and driving traffic to the website to capture leads. But are you doing it right? The goal of most demand generation programs is to help marketers attract new customers, tap into new markets, promote new products, build consumer buzz and reengage with your existing customers.

However, contrary to popular belief, demand generation is not just about creating a huge number of leads. It is more about creating high quality leads that engage with your brand and eventually lead to revenue generation. Today, all B2B marketing strategies should have end-to-end tracking—from the first impression to the company’s bottom line. Here are three strategies that B2B marketers can use for demand generation:

Linking analytics with ads:

B2B marketers have become more data driven in order to get a more precise picture about the RoI of their marketing investments. One of the ways marketers can demonstrate the precise impact their activity has on the business is by tracking user activity through analytics. They can gain invaluable data about their TG by linking analytics platforms such as Google Analytics with advertisements. This helps to study the behavior of the consumer or the potential consumer, segment the data and then use that information in order to reach out to them. B2B marketers should also consider platforms such as LinkedIn Groups where one can position oneself as a thought leader.

Retargeting relevant content:

Because retargeting targets people who have already had some exposure to the brand, the results are much better than other forms of digital advertising such as PPC. It is a very cost-effective way of keeping your brand continuously in front of decision-makers throughout what is usually a lengthy buying cycle. There are plenty of third-party platforms such as AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Chango, Google AdWords Retargeting, and ReTargeter that helps marketers to easily set up an effective retargeting campaign. You can also create four custom audiences in Facebook—Website visitors, Facebook fans, Email subscribers and Similar audiences—to retarget the relevant content to the most relevant Facebook audience.

Establishing a great exchange value:

One of the most powerful techniques of customer acquisition is to offer either a product or a service free of charge. The trick is to ensure that the free content/service or product that you are giving away is of high value to the customer and is likely to help them to do their jobs better. This will not only results in high customer satisfaction and thus higher brand engagement, but also provide you free word-of-mouth publicity, which can translate into more conversions.

In addition to the above mentioned ones, telemarketing can also effectively complement your B2B marketing strategy by building customer relationships and closing sales. Demand generation is a crucial aspect of today’s B2B marketing routine and the constantly changing business landscape has forced organizations to continuously adapt and reorganize the way their products and services are marketed.