3 Ways Mobile Boosts Channel Partner Engagement

3 Ways Mobile Can Boost Channel Partner Engagement

Mobile is changing the way people engage with brands and in turn changing the way companies interact with channel partners. With the number of mobile phone users expected to cross the 5-billion mark by 2019, the role of the mobile phone is becoming much more ubiquitous in the channel partner business as they strive to increase mindshare among their clients, optimize engagement and empower their reps to generate more sales.

Traditionally, marketers have kept up engagement with channel partners through routes such as newsletters, portals, emails etc. However, the use of such traditional forms of communication is declining. A recent CompTIA survey found that only 17% of vendors open emails with a mere 2% clicking on it or taking any sort of action. Less than 5% of channel partners regularly use vendor portals. However, 85% of Channel professionals use a smartphone/tablet to conduct business.

The use of mobile devices decidedly provides a differentiated experience to vendors, leading to higher engagement. And we know that there is a strong correlation between the level of channel partner engagement and sales success. Here are three ways how mobility can enable channel partners:

Real-time access to tools & education:

Mobility has already made inroads into sales & marketing, and executives have access to instant information and share content during meetings. For most, business is done on the road. Hence, business leaders will need to find newer ways of offering partners seamless access to tools and resources.

Channel sales enablement:

Mobile provides vendors the opportunity to segment partners by tier level, geography, product line or even job role, thus making sure that the channel partners get the right tools and resources at the right time. Companies can update promotion sales, prices, products or alliances at any time. The channel partner can get this information first-hand and in real time through the app.

Real-time updates for channel partners:

The ability to connect in real time—and stay connected—with partners can encourage a top sales generator from losing interest. Besides, the partner app will also enable the Channel Partners to see a snapshot of new vendor channel information, news and updates tailor-made to their interests. They can control the programs they need to follow, filter the information based on their job role and join the conversation.

Some of the apps that are aiding channel partners include ChannelEyes, Impartner, Tact Hello, Dhruv (Idea), mSales (TataSky), Mast mobile (Cirrus Insight) and Mitra (Airtel). Information at one’s fingertips can make all the difference today and mobility can help to engage channel partners in a personalized and focused manner. All in all, it adds to the bottom line!