Ways in which you can plan corporate training workshops

Ways in which you can plan corporate training workshops

Planning a workshop is in itself a big job and accomplishing a successful one requires organization, focus and creativity. The word workshop still jingles the image that it is going to be a series of mundane boring sessions where wouldn’t be nothing much to learn, probably an extended promotional event to procure audience information to track them later for building up businesses. But, if done in the proper way, workshops are actually great for brainstorming, interactive learning, building relationships, and problem solving.

We would be sharing 4 ways to plan one.

A strategic planning day or workshop is important to set the tone for the year ahead for your business and create a unified team with clear objectives to focus on.

Take to Technology

Shun that traditional ppt, use something like live polling, social media to keep your audience engaged. It breaks monotony and creates a window for fun and creativity.

Invite a Guest Speaker

Same person delivering the same message repeatedly would be a tedious idea. Having a guest speaker take up the podium would inspire alternate thinking. But do choose one whose message is aligned with your corporate values, is an expert in a topic and is highly engaging.

Incorporate an engaging activity

Sitting and listening to lectures would be most boring thing to do for anyone who has turned up at a workshop with the hope of learning something new and derive more interesting points on the decided topic. Try organizing fun activity one big one or multiple little ones and get people active, it will keep them focused for all of your sessions.

Cleverly plan usage of additional reading material

Planting a bug for thinking just before the session starts is an innovative way to keep you audience engaged even before you take charge of the podium. For example, introducing a book or other reading materials prior is an excellent way to get delegates thinking and prepare. Do choose a relevant and inspiring topic so that your audience gets absorbed in it.


Corporate training sessions are part of MICE industry, which is one of the fastest growing segments within the tourism industry generating millions in revenues for cities and countries. It’s a USD 280–300 billion worth industry globally with India currently standing at an estimated USD 1.3 Billion. Planning well in advance with the criticalities in process, its as much fun attending it as organizing one.