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Customized Engagement Programs

It’s our goal to find you the right opportunities with your prospects, organize leads and run analytics driven inside sales program. We’ve got our teams specializing in audience generation, demand generation, and retaining your loyal customers with technology enabled reward & recognition programs.

The right audience along with brand new leads
The right audience along with brand new leads

With well thought-out program design, we generate new leads and reconnect with old prospects to build a bigger business for you.

Your brand has a lot to offer and we help you device structured solutions to all your requirements and add all the specific rules, actions and trigger points to get you in touch with the perfect audience.

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Audience generation & management

We strive to give you the best audience for your business plan and program along with the optimum audience generation possible for your digital campaigns, with audience management for your live events.

Audience Generation & Management

Reach the right people!

Lead Generation Activity

Initiate the maximum customer interest with our best lead generation activities and get the best potential leads in the market with our services.

Lead generation Activity

New customers for a bigger business!

Loyalty Programs

We design the perfect loyalty programs for your products and services for customer retention, taking care of your registrations and validations of your service offerings.

Loyalty Program

Explore ways for better customer retention!


Nothing works like educating your customers to make them your brand advocates. Go for this format for big ticket purchases.


Take your brand to places, literally!

Virtual Events

Limited with both time and budget but still got a product to generate leads for? Pick this, the next best thing after a real event.

Virtual Events

Take your brand to places, literally!

Email Marketing & Direct Mailers

Got a database or need one? Promotional, transactional, tactical or drip campaigns, we’ve got you all covered here.

Email Marketing

Stay on the top of your TG’s mind!

Case Study

Dell EMC Virtual Events with Demand Gen

The key objective of the initiative was to help Dell connect with a focused audience base through a holistic virtual platform. The platform was designed to create meaningful conversation and convert them into quality leads through customized content, interactive sessions.  The virtual event platform added immense value in terms of measuring the engagement metrics, analyze the ROI to create a pipeline of quality leads for the future.

What we achieved were over 25+ Virtual Events and 20000+ Attendees from 12000+ Unique Organizations with 7000+ Validated Leads.

Case Study

Dell EMC Design Circle – The Thinking Forum Virtual Events

The core objective of Design Circle was to bring together the leading IT & Design heads of the country and create a powerful impact of design & technology together. The virtual event was as engaging as an onsite event and it was kickstarted with a powerful opening AV. Inspired from a similar engagement known as Dell Designathon, this initiative provided a robust knowledge sharing platform and created a future roadmap to transform industries through a smart blend of emerging technology and design thinking.

What we achieved were over 676 Attendees with an average time spent of 40 Minutes and 354 leads were generated.

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