Britannia MilkBikis Goodmorning Launch

With multiple brands and a wide reach in the country, Britannia is a household name. It is recognized as one of the most trusted and popular brands among Indian consumers which is evident from the many accolades they have won over the years.

Among its wide range of products, the innovation after a decade was MilkBikis and Kestone was in charge of designing the concept, communication collaterals, set design and technical setup; travel and logistics co-ordination. Executing a 3 cities launch in 4 days required meticulous planning and flawless management of logistics. Every detail was double and triple checked leaving no room for error.

The idea was to bring alive the theme of The Next Big Thing is here and the highlight of the launch was the product reveal through a drone. It was futuristic in its concept and reiterated the fact that Britannia was way ahead of market trends.

The power-packed engagements and props enthused the audience with excitement and fun.

The launch was a validation of Britannia’s leadership status in the market and Kestone was successful in integrating the key campaign elements during the launch to reflect Britannia’s philosophy seamlessly throughout the event.

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