With the objective of keeping Digital Transformation at the forefront Dell EMC Channel Conclave 2017 was successfully organized across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The 3-city Dell EMC Channel Conclave organized was an exclusive evening with their Key Partner Sales Specialists and Business Leaders from various organizations enabling them to accelerate on their growth.

The Channel Conclave was a first of its kind interaction for Dell EMC with the Channel community. The morning session had PSRs attending an interactive sales training with a renowned sales trainer. They engaged with solution experts to understand how they can sell better. A unique passport was designed with cues for them to sell better and the product features. Plants were given as a giveaway with a message on how they can grow with Dell EMC.

The evening session has Partner CEOs for whom there was a newsroom debate designed to address their concerns, Dell EMC solutions and how they can associate better with Dell EMC. The Dell EMC leaders raised a toast to celebrate their association with these partners and the conversation revolved around mutual confidence and a common vision to grow together. 251 partner sales representatives from 120 partner organizations and 191 Partner Business Leaders from 137 partner organizations across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore were connected through this conclave.