A celebration for one of the world’s largest mergers in the IT Sector. After the 63 Billion dollar acquisition of EMC Corp. by Dell, Dell Technology Day was celebrated as first day of Dell Technologies turning into an umbrella corporation, that spreads over more than 180 countries.

Amongst the series of events which took place in multiple cities across the globe in Austin, Hopkinton, San Francisco and Ireland to name a few, this event happened in Bengaluru. Offices from other countries also held celebrations and watch parties, with the live feed of the event being telecasted to more than 20 countries all over the world.

Bringing alive Go Big, Win Big was the motto, after the acquisition and the same was resonated in the theme of the event. The design, decor and all the engagement activities of Dell Technology Day evoked the theme as well as the importance of the day for the Dell Technologies Group.

1000+ employees from over 9 Dell EMC locations all over India celebrated together this big victory. In Bangalore, 6000+ employees of Dell and EMC Corp. convened to participate in the Dell Technology Day and enjoyed in the event to the fullest. Kestone was proud to be an execution partner of Dell for the flawless execution on such a massive scale.