Intel organized its flagship event, Intel India DevCon 2018 for the third straight year. It was a platform for all the software/cloud developers, scientists, researchers, IT/system integrators startup technologists and enthusiasts to use software and technology and explore computing.

This year, the conference’s key focus was on Cloud, Enterprise, Startup and Research. The theme Super powering into Future defined the role that computing is going to play in our lives in the coming years. This two day conference was attended by 1500+ attendees.

Keeping the theme in mind, we designed the set- up which had 17 partner demo stalls, showcasing the potential of computing. This year’s agenda offered 10+ technical tracks, 7+ speaker sessions and mastermind keynotes across two days. The conference also showcased Intel’s tools, platforms and solutions helping drive the developers’ community forward. In our endeavor to provide unique experience for the key audience we focused on creating engagement ideas around themes they could easily relate to. We made sure there was something for everyone and we created Photo Booth, Grafitti Wall and a Live Twitter wall to engage the audience. The numbers we reached were humungous 2130400+ Reach, 1255490+ impressions and 1830 + total posts.

We were successful in opening a world of opportunities for our audience. It was our meticulous planning and attention to the detail that ensured a flawless event.