Nokia Innovation Day 2017

NSN (Nokia Siemens Network) Innovation day is one of the flagship events of the technology giant and is held annually for the past four years. Kestone has been handling this event for the last 3 years. The objective of the two day annual event is to showcase the innovation in various products and services of NSN to internal employees as well as customers and partners. From the past three years, Kestone has been given the responsibility to create engaging experiences for the demo zones for delegates to get a memorable experience. This year, a new highlight was added to the agenda which was a 2 day cultural fest.

The main highlight of the planning was the German structure of 70 demos in a limited place along with a conference set up for 500 people with AV and stage set up. The design was created to fit all this with ample space for ease of movement. Another challenge was to stick to timelines with two set ups were happening in the same space. Day one was the demos and day two was the cultural performance. A dedicated team from Kestone was in charge of designing and executing the setup which turned the bare space into an event site. While another team was responsible for the experience design and show flow of this event. With experts working on this event, and a well thought plan the event was carried off with seemingly effortless planning and on time delivery.

Kestone also organized a special 'Tech Talk' session between the Senior President of NSN and the internal employees. Another highlight was that the event was live telecasted to two other campuses of NSN in Manyata Tech Park.

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