Millennials & Manpower – Connecting the Dots

Millennials and Manpower – Connecting the dots!!

Millennials are independent thinkers who need deep understanding because their aspirations and motivation are highly radical, very different from baby boomers and GenX. The demographic cohorts born between 1980s - 2000s is termed by their own decision and are a fast moving and an evolving generation portraying freshness and clarity

Glancing at their professional window reveals that two-thirds of millennials surveyed in India had intended to leave their organisations by 2020. Opportunities to progress and lead are the strongest reasons (besides salary) when it comes to choosing workplace. Hence, for employers to churn out the best from millennials, rethinking strategies is obligatory.

Decoding Millennials to connect the dots!

Are Opportunist and wanna be Leaders

Why Indian millennials choose opportunities to progress and leadership roles as their strongest reason when working for an organization? Probably, because leaders alone can survive and succeed. Opportunities to progress can help them self judge their capability and help them rate their performance – all leading to a single goal of excellence and growth. Unfortunately, a survey reveals that 69% millennials believe their skills to be under developed. Now, here lies an opportunity for employers to select key millennials, train them for the required roles and help them scale their professional dreams. This will establish allegiance and help them connect with the organization on personal values eliminating any kind of ‘loyalty challenge’.

Judging Business success beyond Stats

Judging by factors like a work environment, satisfied and loyal customer base, innovation and work security and social purpose, very well signifies that millennials love to look at the big picture. This bunch are so closely connected, informed, opinionated that they love to seek purpose. They know that an organization to succeed and be a long-term winner has to have a Godzillian ambition. Hence, an organization should try to inculcate that strong sense of purpose among millennials. Thus, the cumulative positivity formulates their stay back decision.

Connecting Millennial Loyalty to Business

Understanding and supporting the millennials to attain their career ambitions in conduit with their personal values, besides providing opportunities to grow and lead teams makes a mark for them. Mentoring always helps but before enlisting a mentor, the organization should asses that the person has the power to identify the millennial thought, mould and direct them.

Flexibility and Space Seeker

You cannot be bossy with them. They have independent thinking and are fast mover go-getter types. Flexibility gives them that extra zing to work more effectively; not among the suited lot who work mechanically. They are the change and space is what gives them a window to think clearly and work smartly – overall that is what will help them get their work equation right.

Charles Kettering once said, ‘The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.’ Very true to Millennials, but to welcome a new world that is fast, easy and more approachable for our future generation, accepting millennial thinking is indispensible. It’s time we accept it and go for it!