Shriram Fortune Annual Meet

The flagship event for Shriram Fortune Solutions Limited, the 'Shriram Fortune Annual Meet' was a mega offsite event which was a perfect blend of felicitations, networking, relaxation and lots of fun.

The objective of the event was to recognize the valuable contributions made by their most important employees and to provide an escape from their every-day life to the employees; so that they can rest, relax and network with the each other in a comfortable environment.

More than 400 awards were presented to the deserving employees. The event also featured various conferences; all aimed at helping the group identify areas where they can create more value for the organization.

The event was conceptualised as an offsite event for the employees attending from over 50 base locations. More than 1000 attendees were present at the event. The logistic and operational support of more than 4 hotels was roped in to ensure a comfortable and relaxing space for the employees to network with each other.

The event featured various entertainment activities such as dance troupes and music events which enthralled the attendees present.

Cultural Program at Shriram Event
Shriram Fortune Annual Meet
Shriram Event Set-up